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Revitalizing CVD Online

Introducing the Revitalized CVD Online!

At Urban Matrix Creative Solutions LLC, we work diligently to foster a community of entrepreneurship through the content we produce, the services we deliver, and the resources we share. We have experience creating responsive websites, designing appealing layouts/graphics, and professionally writing copy. We use our combined skills, passion for reproductive freedom, and attention to detail to help Chicago Volunteer Doulas devise and execute a plan to be widely recognized and supported online and beyond.

When we came aboard with a plan to revitalize the website and organize communications, we joined the strategic planning process to understand who CVD is. In the months since we began the project, the Urban Matrix team has come to admire and love the message and movement of Chicago Volunteer Doulas, and we're committed to helping strengthen CVD's technology and communications.

Our site design goal is to create an epicenter in the birthing community where Doulas and families from all over can converge to share resources, grow in their skills, and help garner greater awareness of the benefits of having Doulas. Along that path, we've also begun to learn more about the justice aspect of this work and how that ties into the organization's technology. We're tying every aspect of what we've discovered about the organization together and presenting it in one virtual space.

A significant portion of the organization's mission is to "eliminate stigma, shame, fear, morbidity, and mortality among Black women and all those marginalized within pregnancy and birth care." Because of this, it's essential to have a website that reflects the community, provides access to valuable resources, and creates a space for the birthing community to thrive. So, that was what we set out to build.

Features of the Revitalized Chicago Volunteer Doulas Website

CVD Online is more informative: We showcase the organization's mission and vision alongside our values.


Find A Doula page: Allows users to narrow down Doulas according to the areas they serve. You control your access to CVD's resources from the start of your inquiry process.



Donations: This new page provides donation options and gives visitors a quick and easy way to support CVD financially.


ReBirth Plan Booklet: Get the complete strategic plan and the program from the most recent event in our online flipbook featuring cover art by New Orleans native Soraya Jean-Louis.


CVD Community Blog: Information, Resources, and Announcements right at your fingertips. Here, we'll post articles and updates for CVD's public audience.


Doula Portal: This will be the space where CVDoulas and Stakeholders will commune to share information, take learning opportunities and forge stronger connections in the birthing community.


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