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🌟100 Doulas Rising: ​🌟
A Campaign Empowering Doulas to
Uplift Through the Work 

We’re committed to providing 100 Doulas with DONA-certified, FREE! Full Spectrum Doula and Leadership Development training over the next 12 months. At the end of each cohort, CVDoulas will have completed courses to be on track for becoming DONA-certified, Full-Spectrum Doula Leaders. 

To help us reach our goals, you can select a Team to fund or give to the Champions of Justice League to support our programs as a whole! The more the community gives, the more we're able to give back.

A Look at 100 Doulas Cohort #1 

What's Been Happening With Training So Far...


What we've learned has been transformative, and we're excited for the journey to continue. Our Abortion Support training module happened as a part of our retreat in a cottage near Lake Catherine. We learned some profound lessons about plant medicines. If you didn't already love Aloe for its healing properties, you might not be surprised that it can be beneficial in softening the cervix, which can help speed up labor! We've learned how to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. This knowledge will be helpful as we watch for Postpartum Depression and other situations that might require professional attention.


Did you know that when using AEDs on small children, the pads can't touch? One pad goes on the front, and one on the back of a small child. This information we learned during our American Heart Association CPR & BLS training and certification from Ujimaa Medics was super valuable. Another pivotal experience came from our Labor Support Training, rooted in our role as Doulas. We learned a great question for our Clients: "What can I do to help you feel better or make you feel safe?" This question gets to the heart of their needs and helps us serve them best.


We're very excited to continue this journey and hope that you can contribute to our funding drive to help us train more Doulas. Your contribution can help CVDoulas change the inequities in care and negative birth outcomes from right here on the ground.


To learn more about the 100 Doulas Rising initiative, visit There, we break down the details about the complete program, our political landscape, and what it will take to end the Black maternal mortality crisis in Chicago. Please donate today.