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Our Programs

We aim to provide an array of programming that serves the community in various ways. Whether through caregiving and resources with our trained and certified Doulas through our Postpartum Support, Traditional Labor Support, and on-call Programs. Or by training Doulas and supporting incarcerated birthing people through our Peer Doulas Program. We also help broaden the care pool by orienting the newest cohort of birthworkers within the Mentoring Program. 

Traditional Labor Support Program

​With CVD's Traditional Labor Support (TLS), the birthing person receives three prenatal visits and support during labor and delivery. CVDoulas also provide up to 2 hours of support after the delivery and a postpartum wellness visit check. TLS Doulas provide emotional and physical comfort and support before, during, and after labor and delivery. They also provide information, education, and guidelines for their clients. Sometimes, Doulas are the go-between for the birthing person and the providers/hospital staff.


With a TLS CVDoula, you can expect:

  • ...information about the procedures performed and actions taken during and after labor;

  • ...physical comfort through massage, focused breathing, and comfort positions;

  • ...guidance and support for the birthing person and their loved ones;

  • creating and explaining your birth plan and showing the ways you can advocate for your emotional and physical needs with the hospital and staff;

  • with breastfeeding.


Postpartum Program

What is the Postpartum Support Program?

CVDoulas that offer Postpartum Support (PS) are sometimes Full Spectrum Doulas. But, for those who are not, they are still able to provide a variety of supports. With a PS CVDoula, the birthing person receives up to 40 hours of support at their home. A PS Doula gives physical and emotional support after the birthing process.


Typical support can include:

  • ...breastfeeding support, knowledge, and assistance

  • ...newborn care such as naps, diaper changing, and feeding

  • soothing and bonding methods

  • delivery physical support for the birthing parent

  • ...helping the birthing parent with comfort measures

  • ...caring for the baby while parent(s) sleeps, rests, eats, shower, etc.

  • ...light housekeeping

  • ...provides resources for related services such as birthing classes or lactation consultants.

On-Call Doulas

Support during labor and delivery and up to 2 hours post delivery.

An updated list of participating hospitals is coming soon.

Peer Doulas

This program is currently underway at Logan and Decatur Correctional Centers in Illinois. Peer Doulas provide emotional and educational support before and after delivery to their incarcerated pregnant peers.

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