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Find Your Doula

As an expecting person, feeling comfortable with your Birthworker is essential. CVDoulas come with their own experiences, expertise, identities, and interests. This section will help you decide which Doula you connect with most by allowing you to peruse detailed profiles of the Doulas. As you browse, you'll see how we're all committed to forging a trusting relationship with you and your family throughout your journey. 

To determine if a Doula works in your area, click your hospital area or the area you live in on the color-coded map. The hotspots will take you to the Doulas available in that area. Once you have browsed the Doula listings, you can select a Traditional Labor Support (TLS) Doula or a Postpartum Doula. If you already know your Doula, fill out the form that fits your request type below.

I Need A...

Traditional Labor Support Doula

Labor Support Form Cover.jpg
(Includes 3 prenatal visits, support during labor, delivery and up to 2 hours after delivery and a postpartum wellness visit check)
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Postpartum Support Doula

(Includes up to 40 hours of support at the clients home.)
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