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Power in the Presence: A Doula's Impact

power in the presence

There is a quiet yet profound power in the presence of a Doula during childbirth—a power that the Herron family experienced firsthand. Chicago Volunteer Doulas believes in the strength and resilience of mothers and birthing people, the dedication of Doulas, and the beauty of birth.

Diamond's pregnancy took unexpected turns, making it high-risk. However, with the help of her CVDoula, Deja P., she navigated these changes with courage and determination, eventually welcoming baby Kyora into the world through a touching, unmedicated birth story.

The presence of a Doula, like Deja, is more than comfort—it's a proven asset. Studies show that having a Doula can lead to more positive birth outcomes, such as shorter labor, lower risk of cesarean, and decreased need for pain relief. It's not just about the physical presence; it's the knowledge, the emotional support, and the advocacy that a Doula provides, which aligns with our aim: to improve birth outcomes through support and education.

At CVD, our commitment extends beyond individual birth stories. We're dedicated to educating and training 100 new Doulas in the next 12 months, aspiring to create a ripple effect of better birth experiences for more families like the Herron's. Join us in this mission, based on the belief that every birthing person deserves a Doula, and every birth story can be as empowering as Diamond's.

To the Herron family, thank you for reminding us why we do what we do. Your story is not just one of birth but of the triumph and the undeniable need for Doulas in every birthing room.

Together, let's welcome more moments like these. Join us, support us, and spread the wordthe power of a Doula is the power to change birth outcomes, one story at a time.


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