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Empowering Doulas for the Community: 100 Doulas Rising Training Program

100 Doulas Rising

Now that the new year is well underway, we want to highlight CVD's new transformative role in community-based health education and in promoting birth and reproductive justice. Our new 100 Doulas Rising training program transcends traditional health education by empowering individuals, particularly birthing new and aspiring Doulas, with essential knowledge and resources to return to the community, prepared to do the work this organization is committed to.

Our work in Chicago isn't just about providing support; it's about being a pillar of knowledge and empowerment for birthworkers, birthing individuals and their families. We are working towards transforming the lives of Doulas to foster a spirit of autonomous, life-long learning and to nurture their ability to advocate for health and wellness rights within the community. 

The 100 Doulas Rising training program is a direct pathway to working with Chicago Volunteer Doulas (CVD). It offers non-certified Doulas a chance to train with nationally certified trainers to improve their skills, increase their knowledge, and obtain their national certification.

We intentionally developed this training/certification program to prepare Doulas for Medicaid reimbursement eligibility. These certifications will also allow Doulas to expand on the varied services birthing people need, providing the opportunity for aspiring Doulas to access high-level leadership training, making entrepreneurship a viable option. With their own birth support business, they can provide the type of support our communities deserve.

The training will cover various support systems to help Doulas fill their toolkit with a spectrum of modalities, therapies, and tips to help their new and expecting parents. Doulas will learn to be a source of comfort, empowerment, and empathy during a critical time in someone's life. During each cohort, trainees can expect:

1. Abortion Support Training: In this workshop, participants gain a deep understanding of providing compassionate and nonjudgmental support to individuals navigating the complex emotional journey of abortion.

2. Mental Health Support Training: Doulas will end this training equipped to offer empathetic guidance, foster healing conversations, and create a safe space for those facing reproductive choices and the associated emotional challenges.

3. Traditional Labor/Lactation Support Training: Completing this course will provide Doulas with the education and skills development necessary to deliver high-quality professionalism in birthing support. DONA says, “Workshops cover evidence-based information about the benefits of doula support, the history of birth, the significance of doula support to families, practical hands-on techniques, as well as the steps to begin a career as a birth doula.”

4. Postpartum Support Training: In the Postpartum Support course, Doulas will enhance their service delivery in this course and become a certified postpartum doula. 

5. CPR Training with Ujimma Medics: Ujimaa Medics says, “This isn't your average CPR training. Let us share life-saving skills for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), use of an automated electronic defibrillator (AED), first aid tips across multiple emergencies, and, as always, community care focused on the needs of Black people.”

6. Lactation Support Training: In this training, you will be given an overview of helpful tools for guiding a new parent on their breast/chestfeeding journey.

100 Doulas Rising Training Program

Our mission of birth justice asserts that all birthing people deserve safe, empowering, and respectful care during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Through comprehensive education and professional training, CVDoulas will take certified, professional, and culturally competent care back into the communities of Chicago, ensuring every birthing person will have access to a positive and dignified birthing experience.

We're asking all stakeholders to join us in solidarity and support for the hard-working CVDoulas who are consistently working towards birth and reproductive justice. Every voice and every effort counts in the journey towards more equitable and just birthing options for all birthing people, but most notably, Black birthing people. 

You can commit to helping to improve birth and reproductive justice and equity in a couple of ways.

  1. Your one-time or monthly donation helps keep CVDoulas working to turn the tide on the disproportionate numbers surrounding Black maternal mortality and morbidity.

  2. You can become a Doula! With the 100 Doulas training program underway, you'll be getting started at just the right time.

  3. Reach out to volunteer in other ways. We're a small organization doing considerable work. We could use all hands on deck!

Thank you in advance for helping in any way you can. We appreciate you assisting Chicago Volunteer Doulas in our efforts to end the disparities surrounding Black maternal mortality and morbidity through education, services, and resources.


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