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Empowering Change: How Governor Pritzker's Budget Uplifts Black and Brown Maternal Health

Empowering Change

In an era where maternal health disparities starkly outline the inequalities faced by Black and Brown communities, the importance of culturally competent care cannot be overstated. Governor Pritzker's recent budget announcement stands as a symbol of optimism, promising not just funds but a future where access to high-quality, equitable healthcare is a reality for all. This move is strategic for many reasons, but most importantly, it shows support for empowering change.

Here at Chicago Volunteer Doulas, we recognize that we are a frontline warrior in the battle against maternal health inequities. We're happy to find a powerful ally for our initiatives in this budget. The organization's 100 Doulas Rising program epitomizes the essence of community-driven, culturally attuned support for birthing individuals. This initiative aims to train 100 doulas over the next 12 months, a mission that aligns seamlessly with the Governor's vision of healthcare equity.

The program offers free training in critical areas such as labor and postpartum support, lactation advice, and mental health, as well as preparing doulas for NPI licensure and Medicaid reimbursement in Illinois. This prepares them not just as caregivers but as advocates for reproductive justice, enhancing their ability to support families during one of life's most significant transitions.

Governor Pritzker's budget is more than an allocation of funds; it's an investment in the future of maternal health. By supporting programs like 100 Doulas Rising, the budget acknowledges the critical role of doulas in bridging the healthcare gap, ensuring that Black and Brown communities receive the compassionate, competent care they deserve.

However, the journey doesn't end with governmental support. The greater community's role in funding and supporting the efforts of organizations like CVD is crucial. Every contribution to our program will help to train more doulas, expand the birth and labor support service's reach, and forge a healthier, more equitable future for all mothers, birthing people, and babies.

In solidarity with Governor Pritzker's efforts and CVD's current initiative, we call on the community to support the 100 Doulas Rising program. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of countless families, ensuring every birth is supported by care that is not only competent but deeply compassionate and culturally resonant.

Join us in this vital mission. Your support can help shape a future where every mother has access to the care and support she deserves. 


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