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Welcoming Lotus to the CVD Family as our New Program Coordinator!

CVD Program Coordinator

Join us in welcoming Cantrel "Lotus" Connell as our new Program Coordinator. Lotus, reporting to the recently promoted Program Director, Tiawana Jones, is a familiar face in our community. Her remarkable journey with us began as a CVDoula, where she dedicatedly worked with our city's birthing people, offering labor and postpartum support that touched many lives.

Lotus brings a rich tapestry of talents, skills, and connections to the CVD team. With a background that spans an array of aligned fields: motivational speaking, Reiki master teaching, coaching, and more, she is dedicated to promoting empowerment and wellness to her fellow community members. Her holistic approach to healing—encompassing mind, body, spirit, and soul—has been instrumental in fostering a nurturing environment for CVDs birthing people. Lotus's expertise in breathwork, meditation, and sound healing and her passion for reproductive and birth justice align perfectly with CVD's mission to support families during one of the most significant times of their lives.

Beyond her professional accolades, Lotus's journey is a testament to her dedication to service and community. Her multifaceted skills, including being a visual artist, life coach, and practitioner of traditional herbalism, enrich our collective efforts to provide compassionate and comprehensive support to families in Chicago.

For those wishing to connect with Lotus, reach out to her at Her leadership and vision promise to elevate our programs and deepen our impact in the community.


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