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Watching "Aftershock," During Hiatus

watching aftershock

During this hiatus, CVD Staff has taken advantage of our two-week-on, two-week-off hiatus schedule by balancing the streamlining of processes at CVD and by delving deeply into our purpose for this work. One way we're doing that is by watching "Aftershock," a documentary film on Hulu.

Hearing these stories, you find the immediate value experiencing the film can have for Doulas and anyone interested in maternal health and the role of birthworkers.

Here are a few reasons why watching the film can help you understand why the work we do at Chicago Volunteer Doulas is so vital:

  1. Watching Raises Awareness of Maternal Health Disparities: "Aftershock" highlights the significant maternal health disparities in the United States, particularly among Black women. It shows how these disparities lead to tragic outcomes for women like Shamony Gibson and Amber Rose Isaac. Doulas can gain a better understanding of the pressing issues within the maternal health system and the urgent need for their support.

  2. Emphasizes the Role of Emotional and Physical Support: Doulas provide emotional and physical support to pregnant women during childbirth. The film showcases real-life stories of women who faced complications during childbirth and how having a support system, like Doulas, can make a difference. This can underscore the importance of the doula's role in providing comfort, advocacy, and guidance to expectant mothers.

  3. Highlights the Need for Advocacy and Change: "Aftershock" encourages viewers to rally around the maternal health crisis, indicating that systemic changes are necessary to address disparities and improve maternal care. By watching the film, Doulas can become more aware of the need for advocacy, policy changes, and greater access to services that can help to reduce maternal mortality and improve maternal outcomes.

  4. Empowers Doulas to Serve Marginalized Communities: The film emphasizes the importance of culturally sensitive care and inclusive support for women from marginalized communities. Doulas can learn from the film's message to be well-prepared to serve diverse populations effectively.

  5. Inspiring Doulas to Act: "Aftershock" can serve as a source of inspiration for Doulas to recognize their crucial role and the positive impact they can have in addressing maternal health disparities. It can motivate Doulas to take a more proactive role in supporting expectant mothers and advocating for better maternal care.

The documentary film "Aftershock" can help Doulas understand their importance by providing a powerful and emotionally charged depiction of the maternal health crisis in the United States, with a specific focus on Black women. By witnessing the challenges and tragedies faced by women like Shamony Gibson and Amber Rose Isaac, Doulas can better grasp the vital role they play in offering support, advocacy, and care during childbirth and contribute to addressing these critical maternal health issues.


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