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Why CVD?: Top 5 Reasons to Have a CVDoula

top 5 reasons to have a CVDoula

Hello, CVD Community! As we ring in the 2023 holiday season, we'd like you to show your support for the organization, our Doulas, and the families we serve. We know there are many reasons Doulas are helpful to birthing people and their families, but we've narrowed things down to the top 5 reasons to have a CVDoula. 

💖 Cultural Competence

🧑🏾‍⚕️Advocacy in Healthcare Settings

🌈Reduced Stress and Anxiety

🌟Improved Labor and Delivery Outcomes

👩🏾‍🍼 Postpartum Support

We have many plans for the upcoming year and want to be clear about how your donation will directly contribute. Your contributions power our plans for:

top 5 reasons to have a CVDoula

* Training and deploying more Doulas to support birthing people across Chicago.

* Providing comprehensive prenatal and postpartum education that empowers birthing people to advocate for their health.

* Ensuring that Doula care, a service proven to reduce cesarean rates and improve birth outcomes, is accessible to all, regardless of income.

* Creating community awareness programs that bring the conversation of maternal health equity to the forefront.

Why CVD❓ When you give to Chicago Volunteer Doulas, your contribution plays a crucial role in addressing the high maternal mortality rates among Black and Brown communities. Make your contribution at



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