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Spotlight: Rise Osby, Artemis Rising Winner & Full Spectrum Doula / Gender Euphoria Care Worker

Artemis Rising Winner

CVDoula and Artemis Risi, Rise Osby, is a queer, nonbinary, Black trauma-informed, Full Spectrum Birthworker originally from St. Louis, MO.

Rise's Certifications:

Full-Spectrum/Ancient Song Doula Services

Rise's Training:

Postpartum: Whole Body Pregnancy

Abortion: MuMoMa

Rise's Org Affiliations:

Sokana Collective

Rise's offerings are self-described as a "Full Spectrum Gestational and Gender Euphoria Care Worker." According to their website, this includes: pregnancy, labor and delivery, abortion/grief/loss, and postpartum care work with pregnant people, and gender-affirming care work with queer/trans/gender nonconforming folk undergoing gender-affirming surgery.

Rise has been practicing birthwork for six years and has been a healing practitioner for over ten years. They support Black and Brown, neurodivergent, disabled and chronically ill, queer, trans, nonbinary, and low-income individuals.

During CVD's 1965: A Summer Soiree event, Rise was recognized for their service to the birthing community and beyond. One example of Rise's dedication happened this past April 2023, when they facilitated a workshop for CVD's New Doula Orientation weekend entitled, Supporting Queer, Trans and Nonbinary People and Their Families: Full Spectrum, where they refamiliarized the newest cohort of CVDoulas with the concept of showing up for all resource denied people.

You can learn more about Rise's services and offerings on their website by clicking here.


CVDoulas provides access to free and low-cost labor, postpartum, and pregnancy loss support. Our work eliminates morbidity and mortality among Black Birthing People and those resource denied in pregnancy and birth care.


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