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Exceptional Nanny Wanted for Childcare

Exceptional nanny wanted by the parents of a six-month-old son.

Exceptional Nanny Wanted

Job Title: Nanny

Location: Chicago

About the opportunity: Parents of a six-month-old son are looking for an exceptional nanny to provide them with child care.

About the job:

The baby enjoys tummy time, music, and cuddles. A bubbly personality emerges as he warms up to new faces. He must be watched four times a week for four hours a day at Lifetime Gym located at 15W. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60654. The ideal candidate will start as soon as Dec 15th or as late as January 2024.

This position has 16 guaranteed weekly hours, Mon-Wed and Thursday 12-4 pm (mother on-site). 23 available hours per week starting January - Mon, Wed, and Fri 11-4 pm and Tues 8 am - 4 pm (parents not on-site on Tues - will be invited to the home near the gym)


  • Provide nurturing and supportive care for the child, alert and aware to keep our baby safe in a city setting, walking around with the stroller, adjusting the stroller, changing clothes and diapers as needed.

  • Pickup from gym childcare.

  • Communicate effectively and often with parents.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Follow the schedule provided by the parents (1 hour of tummy time a day, creative playtime).

  • Should possess maturity, excellent safety skills, and able to watch the baby in a busy setting.

  • Soft meal prep (e.g. buying, cutting up).

  • Take initiative to help out whenever and wherever needed.

Compensation and Benefits

  • $15 per hour

  • Gym membership

Your application should include the following:

  • Please send an email to using the subject line “Doula for Junacomet” if you are interested. 

  • Your resume


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