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DOULA SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Chanel Phillips

Dr. Chanel Phillips
Dr. Chanel Phillips, Chicago Volunteer Doulas

Recently, Dr. Chanel Phillips completed her latest book: "Oh, the Joys of Motherhood!: Inspirational Journals for New Moms", which she created to help new mothers navigate the journey of ushering in a new life. The book isn't only about the emotional highs of new parenthood; it also provides recovery tips when burnout occurs. The book offers seasoned and new parents different organizational and mindfulness techniques that could be useful in their everyday lives. You can learn more about the book by clicking the link below.

Dr. Phillips received her Master of Arts in Public Policy and Doctor of Philosophy in Community Psychology from National Louis University-Chicago.

Dr. Chanel Phillips is an accomplished yogi and doula. She received her CYTT-200 hour Yoga Classical training from Kashi Atlanta and doula training from the Academy of Certified Birth Educators (ABCE).

Also, she's the Founder and Executive Director of the Brainerd Family Network, an organization created to increase the quality of life among residents in Brainerd, a neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. (

Dr. Phillips' greatest passion is helping others achieve individual and community wellness. She believes in the power of service and has been a dedicated professional seeking to use service to improve the lives of others. Dr. Phillips has over 25 years of experience working with Black adolescent mothers and families.

Her passion for service motivated her to become a community psychologist and culturally responsive equity-based (CRE) evaluator by trade, yogi, and birth/postpartum doula.

Previously Dr. Phillips served as an evaluation fellow at the Center for Disease Control in the Division of Adolescent and School Health in Atlanta, Georgia, from 2018-2020.

Currently, she contributes her expertise to help inform policymakers, nonprofit organizations, and community members about the lived experiences of Black adolescent mothers and community members by illuminating why support is needed early to prevent specific life outcomes. Dr. Chanel Phillips expresses her passion for research throughout her dissertation and upcoming book: More than Me: The Voices of African American Mothers and Their Pursuit of Post-Secondary Education (

While Dr. Chanel Phillips has achieved many successes throughout her career, her greatest reward is being a wife and mother of two wonderful sons, yogi, and dog grandmother of three: Tyson Whodini Phillips, Stormy Nugget Phillips, and Lilo Lili Phillips.


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