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Doula Care Circles: You are enough...

You are enough
You are enough...

Doula Care Circles are about:

expressing yourself, healing & being in joy!

Join us next month!

How are you with forgiving others?

How are you with forgiving yourself?

"Once in a blue moon!" That's today!

"A blue moon is special because it is the extra moon in a season with four full moons." - Amit Chaturvedi

Today is a perfect day to forgive yourself for ever thinking you were not enough! Doulas, you are more than enough!

REMINDER: We'll continue to meet virtually during CVD's period of rest. Doula Care Circles, live on! Why? Cuz the Care Circles support us in "turning our ears and hearts inward to do the more sustainable work of keeping us healthy and whole." Check out last week's blog for more context on this quote. Join me for our next Doula Care Circle on SATURDAY, September 9 @ 12:00pm/Noon. Gentle Reminder: Supplies and art materials are now available for Doulas who've registered for Care Circles. Supplies are complimentary (free of charge, $0) and will enhance & deepen your Doula Care Circle experience.

Please email Gaylon––––to arrange a time to pick up supplies at the downtown office, 231 S. LaSalle Street. If you are not able to pick up your supplies before our next gathering, do not stress about it, but please get them prior to October. CVD Doula Care Circles are spaces for you to share your truths, vulnerabilities, wins, and challenges as you navigate the deliberate work of supporting birthing persons. CVD Doula Care Circles provide emotional support and encourage wellness, acknowledging that doulas are whole persons doing this sacred work that is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually engaging. These spaces are nonjudgmental containers that hold and bear witness to your experiences. As a whole person, you can also share about more than birth work in these spaces cuz we understand that life be lifin'. In the spirit of forgiveness, veronica precious


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