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CVDoula Spotlight: Michelle “Ms. Doula” Sanchez

CVDoula Spotlight Michelle

CVDoulas: More than a helper – We’re a Team – We’re Family

In this CVDoula Spotlight, Michelle “Ms. Doula” Sanchez was selected because, as a birth worker with Chicago Volunteer Doulas, Michelle (she/her/ella) is a well-rounded and educated Doula who displays integrity by promoting safety, care, love, and support for her clients. These clients include those who are either soon-to-be parents or those who have given birth and need postpartum support. She also provides support for those who choose to have an abortion.

Chicago Volunteer Doulas has a mission to connect pregnant and birthing people to free and low-cost compassionate labor, postpartum, and pregnancy loss support and information rooted in Black feminist wisdom and healing. Led by principles of birth justice and anti-racism, CVD works to eliminate stigma, shame, fear, morbidity, and mortality among Black women and all those marginalized within pregnancy and birth care.

This mission is supported by CVDoulas like Michelle, who have come to CVD with a wide array of skills and expertise that can provide a safety net of care and resources for families before, during, and after the birthing process.

Ms. Doula – has strengthened her skills by being a mother and working in the medical field as a paramedic. She is a nurturer who loves to bring flair to her delivery of care by way of her knowledge and understanding. She caters to the needs of her clients, using her expertise in traditional foods with an emphasis on nutrition and organic remedies that can help during the birthing process. She aims to help all, no matter where her clients come from, their age, gender, or even profession.

Michelle provides a safe space and client confidentiality for each of her clients, assuring their safety and growth in understanding who they are as people and parents. She approaches everything she does through an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and trauma-informed intersectional lens.

When Michelle is not working or volunteering, she is tending to her small indoor jungle and learning about plant medicine as a way to reconnect with her Indigenous Mexican Apache/Ndé roots.

Reach out to Michelle at:


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