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CVD Spotlight: Atena O. Danner, Board Chair

CVD Board Chair, and award-winning poet, Atena O. Danner.

Atena O. Danner has many dreams, but one of her most ambitious goals is Black liberation. Danner, an author, and poet, uses her art to "generate care, connection, and justice" to heal generational wounds to leave a rich legacy.

Danner's poems cover collective liberation, neurodiversity, human connection, and

"kitchen table specificity." She also publishes meditations, sermons, and intellectual and

spiritual reflections.

Danner believes reading and writing are "ways of talking and listening," and that is how she can write poems and imagine futures. In 2021, her poetry was featured in Shelter in This Place, an anthology of poems, prayers, and reflections of Unitarian Universalists about their experiences in 2020. Danner's latest book, Incantations for Rest, is her first solo collection of poems exploring how faith, liberation, and meditation converge and

how rest joins it all.

As a big advocate for accessibility for all creatives, her website states, "Everyone misses

out if our disabled and neuro-divergent siblings are excluded, and we all have a role in making full participation available."

When approached for speaking events, Danner asks for at least two accommodations to be made available for disabled and neuro-divergent people. Some of her suggestions include sign language interpretation, captioning of speech/narration, translations into other spoken languages, and live streaming.

Atena O. Danner's book, Incantations for Rest, and other works are available on her website. If you would like to support her or learn more about her work, she has a Patreon page with subscriptions ranging from $5 to $100.


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