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Celebrating Pride Month 2024

Pride Month 2024

At Chicago Volunteer Doulas (CVD), our commitment to inclusivity and support for birthing people of all races, genders, and nationalities is unwavering every single day of the year. However, Pride Month 2024 gives us a special opportunity to showcase this focus and celebrate the diversity that strengthens our community. We proudly stand with all birthing people, recognizing every individual's unique experiences and needs.

We understand the importance of cultural responsibility and strive to provide respectful, high-quality care to all, including ALL transmasculine and gender-diverse persons who often face significant disparities and discrimination in healthcare settings. This Pride Month, we spotlight the importance of honoring every birthing person's identity and experience, emphasizing that every individual deserves to be seen, respected, and supported.

As we celebrate Pride Month 2024, we encourage everyone to take pride in who they are and to support others in our community. Whether you're a birthing person, a parent, or an ally, your presence and voice are invaluable. Let's come together to celebrate ALL families, acknowledging the beauty of our differences and the strength of our unity.

This Pride Month, let's embrace self-love and community solidarity, honoring the diverse tapestry that makes our community vibrant and strong.


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