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Calling all Doulas to the Care Circle

Calling all Doulas

Calling all Doulas to the Care Circle on Wednesday, October 11, 6 pm. Doula Care Circles are virtual gatherings for practicing CVDoulas.

CVD Doula Care Circles provide emotional support and encourage wellness, acknowledging that doulas are whole persons doing this sacred work that is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually engaging. These spaces are nonjudgmental containers that hold and bear witness to your experiences. As a whole person, you can also share about more than birthwork in these spaces cuz we all understand that life be lifin'.

Join me for our next Doula Care Circle on Wednesday, October 11, @ 6 pm.

Gentle Reminder: Supplies and art materials are now available for Doulas who've registered for Care Circles. Supplies are complimentary (free of charge, $0) and will enhance & deepen your Doula Care Circle experience.

Please email Gaylon––––to arrange a time to pick up supplies at the downtown office, 231 S. LaSalle Street. If you are not able to pick up your supplies before our next gathering, do not stress about it.

Doula Circle Cultural Worker,

veronica precious bohanan

veronica is a board-certified art therapist, educator, and interdisciplinary artist aka cultural worker. Her work in schools and nonprofits has been a bridge between healing-centered engagement, SEL, counseling, positive youth development, and womanist praxis. As a lecturer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, veronica teaches in the Art Therapy & Counseling department. veronica is also the founder of create.heal.share., a self-expression and wellness organization for Black and women of color.


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