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Centering Black Birthing People: A Critical Step Towards Equality in Maternal Health

Centering Black Birthing People

Centering Black Birthing People

The Stark Reality of Maternal Mortality and Morbidity

In an era marked by marked advancements in healthcare, the persistent disparities in maternal mortality and morbidity rates, especially among Black birthing people, stand as a stark reminder of the systemic inequalities plaguing our society. 

As the Communications Manager at CVD, I thought it might be a good idea to address "Why CVD?" for me. In our CVDCommunity Blog, I'm working to highlight, educate, and arm us all with the knowledge we'll all need to work towards turning the tide. Not only do I have a personal stake in the situation, as I have already lost one grandchild to SIDS, and I have three people in my family who are in child-bearing years. The struggle to bring equality to Black and Brown birth experiences is a critical issue, and it underscores the vital role of organizations like ours in bridging these unacceptable gaps.

The Disproportionate Impact on Black Birthing People

You may already know the statistics, but in case you don't, note that numerous studies reveal a harrowing reality: Black mothers and birthing people face significantly higher risks of maternal mortality and morbidity compared to their White counterparts. This disparity isn't just a statistic; it's a reflection of the deep-seated racial biases and healthcare inequities that continue to affect Black communities. When we fail to center Black birthing people in our healthcare policies and practices, we not only perpetuate these inequalities but allow them to grow.

The Role of Chicago Volunteer Doulas

At CVD, we believe that every birthing person deserves access to compassionate, knowledgeable, and culturally sensitive support. Our Doulas play a crucial role in advocating for the needs of Black birthing people, offering them the support and resources necessary for a safe and empowering birthing experience. By centering Black mothers and birthing people in our work, we are actively working to dismantle the barriers that contribute to these disparities.

The Imperative of Funding Organizations Like CVD

If you're interested in seeing real change and improvement in birth outcomes, it's crucial to fund organizations like Chicago Volunteer Doulas. Our work is directly aimed at addressing the root causes of maternal health disparities. However, our capacity to make a meaningful impact is limited without adequate funding. Investing in CVD is an investment in the health and well-being of Black birthing people and, by extension, our entire community.

Our Call for Action is Simple: Support CVD

As we approach the last four days of the year, we remind you that your support for Chicago Volunteer Doulas is not just a donation; it's a step towards achieving equity in maternal health. Remember, your contribution is tax-deductible and crucial in sustaining our efforts. Let's work together to ensure that every birthing person, regardless of race, has the support they need for a safe and healthy birth experience.

Please take action now. Visit to make your contribution. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Black mothers and birthing people, one birth at a time.

Warm Regards,

Janean Watkins, Communications/Technology Manager

Centering Black Birthing People


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