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New Staff Announcement

Gaylon Alcaraz, Operations Manager & Ericka "Ricky" Sanchez, Development Steward, have joined the CVD Team, and we're SO glad they're here! Executive Director Lakeesha Harris says,

"I would like to formally welcome two new additions to the dream team I'm building for #BirthJustice and #ReproductiveJustice at Chicago Volunteer Doulas. These two have been my longtime comrades in the fight for bodily autonomy and Reproductive Justice. Gaylon Alcaraz and Ericka Sanchez represent what's rooted in Reproductive Justice and Birth Justice -- and the way forward, centering Black birthing people in our work at Chicago Volunteer Doulas. Being at the helm and having their presence here is exciting, and I look forward to actualizing our new strategic plan with their input and support."

Gaylon B. Alcaraz, Operations Manager - Gaylon B. Alcaraz is a not-for-profit professional, writer, and champion of human rights. As a Chicago-based consultant, she supports organizations in their transitional leadership needs. She has served as a founding board member of Affinity Community Services and a former Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health and Midwest Access Project board member. Gaylon was awarded her Bachelor's and Master of Arts degrees from DePaul University. She has an ABD standing in the Community Psychology Ph.D. program at National Louis University and has received numerous awards from various organizations for her local and national reproductive justice work.

Ericka "Ricky" Sanchez, Development Steward - Ricky (she/they) joins the CVD team from a Black queer-centered reproductive justice background. She is thrilled to help CVD realize its ReBirth Plan and especially looks forward to helping CVD grow its commitment to holistic reproductive justice in our current American landscape. She holds degrees in English and International Development from Harvard and Tulane Universities, and she is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at Harvard University, where she studies Latinx Healing Practices and Survival in the United States.

Stay up to date with our progress by joining our Mailing List. You can also Be The Change in birth inequity. You can support our commitment to improving birth and reproductive justice and equity in a few ways.

  1. Your one-time or monthly donation helps keep CVDoulas working to turn the tide on the disproportionate numbers surrounding Black maternal mortality and morbidity.

  2. You can volunteer as a Doula or in other ways. We're a small organization doing considerable work. We could use all hands on deck!


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