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Empowering Community Connections: CVD Partners with Dionne Anderson for an Inspirational Baby Shower


Empowering Community Connections

Chicago Volunteer Doulas (CVD) made a significant impact at the Englewood area Community Baby Shower, thanks to the exceptional organization by Ms. Dionne Anderson. The event was a prime opportunity for CVD staff to work on empowering community connections. The event was a hub of knowledge, resources, and community spirit, attended by eager participants and notable organizations dedicated to maternal and infant health.

Tiawana Jones, CVD's Program Coordinator, represented CVD by engaging the community with vital information about CVDoula services and how to become a CVDoula. Tiawana’s discussion highlighted tips for hospital births, birth equity resources, and information on reproductive justice, capturing the attention of all attendees.

Featured Partners and Their Contributions:

  • Mission: Nurturing children through family support.

  • Contribution: Provided guidance and resources, reinforcing the importance of family in child development.

  • Mission: Educating at-risk pregnant individuals and supporting families with essential resources and services.

  • Contribution: Focused on safe baby sleep practices, crucial for new parents in the community.

  • Mission: Offering a unique, free space for babies and caregivers to play and learn.

  • Contribution: Promoted the importance of early childhood engagement and caregiver bonding.

  • Mission: Delivering compassionate, personalized women’s health care.

  • Contribution: Shared valuable health resources and information about their comprehensive services for women.

Through the combined efforts of these organizations and Ms. Anderson's meticulous planning, we were able to educate and empower parents and families in Englewood, proving that community strength grows from shared knowledge and support. Contribute to any of these organizations' missions or to ours. Every bit counts. Meanwhile, check out these photos from the event. Photos Courtesy of:


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