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Thank to the Supporters of 1965: A Summer Soirée!

Supporters of 1965: A Summer Soirée

We want to thank the attendees and supporters of 1965: A Summer Soirée, where we raised critical funds for community Doula support. We launched our new website and introduced a new Board of Directors and the way forward for CVD!

New Orleans, Louisiana, artist Soraya Jean-Louis created the cover art for the event program, which was part of the CVD ReBirth Plan booklet outlining CVD's 2023-25 strategic plan.

"1965" was our Soirée's theme because it speaks reality and narrative that media outlets have pushed regarding the Maternal Morbidity and Mortality rate that has consistently worsened over time. This rate was connected to Black women's higher maternal mortality rates but never to the racist and biased medical system.

This is the reality that Black birthing people face every day, the inability of the medical institutions to point the finger outward to external factors affecting our communities, but not inward to rectify their actions that directly affect Black deaths.

we don't want to win this race

We're battling the ineffectual response to the Black maternal mortality rate in the US...

Chicago Volunteer Doulas is working to change the trend. CVD's Rebirth Plan centers around reaffirming its commitment to healing justice, organizational stability, and centering Black birthing people in its work. The CVD mission is simple, connect pregnant and birthing people to free and low-cost compassionate labor, postpartum, and pregnancy loss support and information rooted in Black feminist wisdom and healing.

While we have yet to reach our $21K funding goal, the soirée helped raise some of the funds we'll use to support our Doulas and families. Even if you couldn't attend, you can still support the programs and offerings of Chicago Volunteer Doulas.

We are cordially inviting you to Be The Change in birth inequity. You can support our commitment to improving birth and reproductive justice and equity in a couple of ways.

  1. Your one-time or monthly donation helps keep CVDoulas working to turn the tide on the disproportionate numbers surrounding Black maternal mortality and morbidity.

  2. You can volunteer as a Doula or in other ways. We're a small organization doing considerable work. We could use all hands on deck!

Thank you in advance for helping in any way you can. We appreciate you assisting Chicago Volunteer Doulas in our efforts to end the disparities surrounding Black Maternal Mortality and Morbidity.



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