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On The Brink: A Reflection During Our Hiatus

On The Brink

My hiatus was not only a time for rest but also for inspiration and learning. Janean, here. I'm the Communication / Technology Manager here at CVD. I had the opportunity to watch an intriguing episode of the Hulu show On The Brink. After watching, I recognized how this show resonated deeply with our work at CVD.

The Breakdown:

Hulu's show, On The Brink, is a deep dive into the lives of Black Women navigating the complexities of the healthcare system, particularly in the realm of maternal health. It features a range of characters – from a first-time mother grappling with prenatal care in a system that often overlooks her needs, to a seasoned mother battling to have her voice heard amidst the chaos of hospital protocols. Their experiences, marred by systemic biases yet punctuated by moments of profound resilience and courage, echo the challenges we at CVD are deeply familiar with.

Relating to CVD's Work:

These stories mirror the daily realities of many women we support at Chicago Volunteer Doulas. They highlight the critical need for advocacy, personalized care, and emotional support for Black mothers – elements that are core to our approach at CVD. Each narrative thread in "On The Brink" underscores the importance of our mission: to provide empathetic, informed, and culturally competent support to Black Women and Birthing People during one of the most pivotal times of their lives.

The Importance of Our Hiatus:

Our hiatus at CVD has been a time of introspection and renewal. It was crucial for us to pause, reflect on the work of the organization and its challenges, and strategize for a more impactful future. This break has empowered us to approach 2024 with a revitalized vision, ensuring that we continue to address the unique needs of Black Birthing People with even greater efficacy and compassion.

Moving Forward:

Inspired by the narratives similar to those in "On The Brink," we are more committed than ever to our cause. The show not only reinforces the challenges faced by Black Women in maternal health but also strengthens our resolve to be a part of the solution, to be a beacon of hope and change.


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